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The Academy

The Lawrence Police Department operates an accredited Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) satellite academy*. This Academy is staffed by sworn officers of the Lawrence Police Department as a special assignment. The Academy certifies new recruits as Police Officers in the State of Kansas.

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Daily Operation

The Basic Recruit Academy is a 17 week training curriculum designed to prepare law enforcement officers for their role in the Criminal Justice System. This training curriculum includes the core competencies established by KLETC and additional training courses required by the Lawrence Police Department. 

The Academy is structured within a Monday-Thursday 0630-1700 hours (6:30am-5:00pm) work week. There are portions of the Academy where hours may be adjusted to accommodate a specific course. A typical day in the Academy may look like this:

0630-1130 hours: Classroom Lecture

1130-1200 hours: Lunch

1200-1600 hours: Additional Classroom and/or Scenario Training

1600-1700 hours: Physical Training and Conditioning

Basic Training


Recruits learn their legal ability to investigate crimes, stop persons, use force, etc. based on the framework of the U.S. Constitution and established case law. 


Recruits are exposed to best practices in firearms use, building searches, defensive tactics, safe arrest practices, active attack response, etc. 


With the help of local social agencies and experienced officers, new recruits learn de-escalation methods, mental health first aid, and Crisis Intervention strategies.

*The Lawrence Police Department retains the discretion to send Recruits to the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) in Hutchinson, KS instead of hosting a satellite academy. Recruits would be notified in advance of this decision and prior to their decision to accept an offer of employment.

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