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APPROX: $23.80/HR

Get paid for your time spent in the Academy learning how to be a Police Officer. 


APPROX: $24.44/HR

Upon graduation from the academy, Officers immediately receive a raise to Step 1 of our pay plan.


APPROX: $39.75/HR

Maximum pay rate for Officers who meet the qualifications for Police Officer. 


APPROX: $42.48/HR

Maximum pay rate for Officers promoted to Corporal or Detective

*Officers assigned to evening and overnight shifts receive a shift differential

Add Pays

Add pays are incentives afforded to officers who assume additional responsibilities or have additional qualifications. These amounts are paid annually on an officers anniversary date of hire.


  • K9 Officer

  • Tactical Team

  • Special Assignment

  • Dive Team





Non Perishable

  • Master's Degree*

  • Bachelor's Degree*

  • Associate's Degree*

  • Foreign Language

  • Tactical Team (Ret.)

  • Military

  • Certified Expert








*May only choose 1

Pay Plan Explained

  • There are currently 13 Steps in the Police Officer pay plan.

  • Each officer becomes eligible for a Step increase on their date of hire anniversary.

The average Step increase is $2,915/year.

Cost of living adjustments are regularly negotiated to adjust for annual inflation.

$1800/semester available for college tuition

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