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The Lawrence Police Department offers many officers a challenging and rewarding career. There are so many opportunities to learn new skills, engage yourself and serve the Lawrence community. 

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All LKPD Officers start in our patrol division. While most Officers will choose to remain in patrol, many assume additional responsibilities or transfer to special assignments after a few years. Patrol is our primary provider of police services to the community and is considered to be the backbone of the Lawrence Police Department.



  • K-9 Handler

  • Investigations

  • Training Unit

  • Mental Health Team

  • School Resource Officer 

  • Domestic Violence Unit

  • Downtown Foot Patrol


After two years of service, Officers are eligible for assignment to various units within the Department. These assignments can range in length from 3-7 years.


The Investigations Division comprises detectives, officers, and non-sworn support staff assigned to various specialized units including the Special Victims Unit (SVU), General Investigations Unit (GIU), Directed Investigations Unit (DIU), crime scene investigators, crime analysts, and other essential support positions.



The initial advancement opportunity for Officers and Detectives is the promotion to Corporal, followed by Sergeant. Most Sergeants fulfill the role of front-line supervisors within the Patrol Division, although some are assigned to Investigations or other areas as required. To qualify for promotion to Sergeant, a minimum of five years of service is necessary.

Upon completing a minimum of two years as a Sergeant, individuals become eligible for promotion to Lieutenant. Lieutenants assume the role of Operations-level Commanders.

Lieutenants with at least two years of experience are then eligible for promotion to the rank of Major.



Regardless of assignment or rank within the department, members may expand their experience through other aspects of the department. 

  • Accident Investigation Unit

  • Department Instructor

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Bicycle Patrol

  • Public Engagement Team

  • Crisis Response Team

  • Honor Guard

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