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Lateral Program

A Lateral Hire is an applicant who is a Certified Law Enforcement Officer in Kansas or another state. Lateral Hire’s must successfully complete the Hiring Process and receive a letter of Appointment. Lateral Hire’s starting pay is decided during the hiring process at a competitive rate. 


Reciprocity training is available for certified officers from other states. The training is approximately 35-40 hours of classroom presentations and handouts completed online at your own pace. Officers must then complete a written exam and firearms qualification course at KLETC with a minimum score of 70%.


In Service Training

After finishing reciprocity training, unless previously certified in Kansas, officers will be assigned to a 2 week In-Service Training with LPD staff. During this time, officers are familiarized with Lawrence Police Department operations, policies, and procedures. 


Patrol Training

Patrol Training is an 8-16 week process depending on officer experience level and performance. During Patrol Training, officers work side by side with experienced officers designated as Police Training Officers (PTO). 



After successful completion of the Patrol Training Program, Officers are certified to work on their own and assigned to the Patrol Division on a probationary status for 6 months. 

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